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The North Herts Group (courtesy of Ramesh Summan, left)

Stammering Communities & Groups

Connect with others who stammer or parents of children who stammer. Find a support/social group, workplace network or international community.

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Why join a stammering community?
Local groups list  
Online forums  
Online groups  
Groups for families & children      
Workplace & professional networks   
International organisations  
Networks for speech & language therapists   
Tell us about/start a community     
Concerns & complaints

Why join a stammering community?

Meeting with others who share your experiences can be life-changing. 

Some groups focus on peer support and offer the chance to work on your speech or self-confidence. Others arrange casual social meet-ups in cafes or pubs, or go for country walks. 

There are also professional networks for people working in the same industry. And you can see which companies have networks for staff who stammer. Plus there are groups where parents can share their experiences.

Whatever the focus, stammering communities provide a safe space to connect with others who 'get it'.

Read 'The Power of Community', a blog post from our Communities & Campaigns Manager.

Local groups

These are in-person groups unless stated otherwise. For online meetings, see our Online Events Calendar.

Birmingham Support Group for Children & Parents
Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre (for parents)    
Brighton & Hove       
Cambridge (hybrid in-person/online but only for people in Cambridgeshire)       
Cardiff & South Wales       
Doncaster (hybrid in-person/online, open to anyone, anywhere)  
Edinburgh (powered by the Scottish Stammering Network)      
Fife (powered by the Scottish Stammering Network) 
Glasgow (powered by the Scottish Stammering Network) 
Hertfordshire (North)       
Lincolnshire: Grimsby, Cleethorpes & Scunthorpe       
London, Central       
London, North   
Peak District (STAMMA Striders walking group)
South Wales
Wokingham & Reading       

Explore how we prioritise safety, support and inclusivity of every group through our Code of Conduct and policies

Online forums

STAMMA — Space for StammeringA Facebook group moderated by STAMMA staff and volunteers.      
STAMMA at WorkA Facebook support forum for workplace issues, moderated by STAMMA.
It's How We Walk Strava Club. An active community for our fundraisers and people who stammer who like to move, moderated by STAMMA.
Stand Up to Stammering. A Facebook group that invites daily speaking challenges, not moderated by STAMMA.

Online groups

Adults New to Stammering (For adults who have recently started stammering)      
Adults Online Support
LGBTQ+ Safe Space
Men's Online Group      
Stammering and Spirituality Safe Space     
Women Who Stammer
Young People's Network

Groups for families & children

The STAMMA Parent2Parent Support Group (online)   
The STAMMA Minecraft Club (online, for ages 7-14)   
UK Peer to Peer Facebook Group for Parents of Children who Stammer    
Young People 5-16 (& their parents) Group (online)   
Birmingham Support Group for Children & Parents (in-person)
Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Parents Group (in-person)

Workplace & professional networks

Here's a list of support communities for people who stammer in different industries. You can also see which companies have staff stammering networks. 

Could you set one up in your workplace or industry? Email Vee at for details.

BBC Stammering Support Network       
Civil Service Stammering Network       
Entrepreneurs who Stammer Network       
Hertfordshire County Council Staff Network  
Institute of Acoustics Stammering Support Network       
Met Police Stammering Network       
NHS Stammering Network       
STAMMA Arts       
STAMMA Defence       
STAMMA Educators       
STAMMA Legal       
STAMMA Nuclear       
Stammerers Through University Consultancy

International organisations

50 Million Voices. An international network with the goal of transforming the world of work for people who stammer. 
International Stuttering Association (ISA). An organisation made up of national associations for people who stammer. See their list of member associations around the world. 
Stamily. Stories, blogs and videos aimed at bringing people who stammer together. 
Stutter Social. A Google Hangout where you can chat with a group of people from around the world. You need a Google+ account to take part. Check out their Facebook page too
Scottish Stammering Network. A charity providing free support groups (see above) and open days for people in Scotland. Check out their Facebook page too
World Stuttering Network. An organisation 'driven to seek out fresh ideas, effective methods and useful resources, then share them with the world!'.

We're updating this list so if you'd like to be featured, reach out to us — email 

Networks for speech & language therapists

Below are STAMMA-run networks for speech & language therapists (SLTs):

The SLT Peer Support Network    
The SLT Academics Network

Tell us about/start a community

Do you run a community? Tell us about it and we'll promote it here. If there's nothing near you, why not start one yourself? It doesn't have to take a lot of effort. See Start A Stammering Community or email Vee at and she can help.

Concerns & complaints

If you have any concerns about something to do with a particular group, or if you believe you have been contacted improperly by someone from a group, let us know. Fill in our Feedback form.

Code of conduct & policies

We want to make sure each group is safe, feels well-supported, is run effectively and fosters an inclusive environment for all. 

We encourage all the groups listed on this page to agree to follow our Code of Conduct and policies (download the agreement document below to check them out). If you'd like to know more, please email Vee at 

You will shortly be able to see which groups have signed up to these basic principles and actions. In the meantime, if you'd like details about a particular group, email Vee at 

DBS checks

It is only lawful for STAMMA to run DBS/Access NI checks on group facilitators working with those who are classed as vulnerable within safeguarding guidelines. For this reason, facilitators running STAMMA groups for children undergo DBS/Access NI checks.

Where under 18s attend meetings for groups primarily targeted at adults, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in line with STAMMA's Safeguarding Policy for communities.

Two women in running outfits holding flags and looking at the camera
Tayo & Bhupinder
A speaker on stage at STAMMAFest 2023

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