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What causes stammering? Who is affected by it? Will my child grow out of it? Is there a cure? Why do more men than women stammer? How come I stammer more in some situations than others? What’s the best type of therapy? Why don’t people stammer when they sing? 

These are just a few questions which have been perplexing researchers, people who stammer and Speech and Language Therapists the world over. We do know a lot more than we did, but stammering is complicated and the need for research is on-going. Our Research Panel is going to be answering the above questions over the coming months.

Interested in the latest research about stammering? Not sure what to believe? Here’s a very useful article from NHS Choices on how to read health news.

Taking part in research

If you stammer yourself or if you’re a parent of a child who stammers, and you’d like to take part in some research, find details of current non-BSA research projects in the 'Studies Looking for Participants' box below.

Looking for research participants?

If you’re a researcher looking for people to take part in your research, please download and complete our 'Participation request form' as either a Word document here or pdf here) and email it to

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