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Employment Support Service For Stammering

Do you have an issue relating to stammering and employment? Contact our support service for people who stammer, employers and organisations.

Find out how our Employment Service can help you or your organisation. This service is only available if you are based in the UK.

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For individuals
For employers & organisations

For individuals

  • Are you concerned about job hunting and interviews because of your stammer? 
  • Are you having issues with stammering at work? 
  • Do you want your organisation to become more inclusive for staff or customers who stammer?

Contact us. We'll discuss your concerns and explore ways we can support you. Email Or, phone our helpline on 0808 802 0002 or start a webchat.

If you think you have been discriminated against at work or when job hunting, contact our Advocacy Service instead. That is there for anyone who believes they have been treated unfairly because they stammer.

For employers & organisations

Forget any outdated misconceptions you may have about people who stammer. It does not mean they can't be effective communicators and it has nothing to do with their intellect. 

At least 1% of UK adults say that they stammer, contributing a wealth of talent — in all professions and at all levels. 

Are you unsure about what people who stammer can bring? Would you like to create a stammer-friendly environment for staff and customers? We can help you with the following:

Inclusion & Diversity

Our Employment Service provides webinars, workshops and written resources to support your diversity and inclusion programmes and ensure people who stammer are represented. 

Employee support

We offer bespoke consultations to help you explore reasonable adjustments for an employee who stammers. We can also explain the information and support that is out there for them.

Work-based networks

Many professions or workplaces have support networks for staff who stammer. If you're interested in setting up a stammering network in your workplace, we're happy to help.

Policies & practices

We also provide full HR and customer policy reviews. These help identify areas which may be disadvantaging staff or customers who stammer. We'll follow this by giving recommendations for how to address these concerns.

Start the conversation. Email Or phone our helpline on 0808 802 0002 or start a webchat.

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