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Download a background for video calls or an email sign-off image to raise stammering awareness.

Would you like to let other people know that you stammer when using video chats or when sending emails? We've got just the thing.

Video chat backgrounds

Download one of our backgrounds below to use on Zoom or Teams. 

Each one has the heading 'I Stammer' with taglines underneath such as 'It's how I talk', 'No, the wi-fi isn't acting up' and 'Just give me more time'. 

There are four colours to choose from. 

To change the backgrounds in Zoom or Teams, go to the 'settings' sections.

A laptop displaying a video chat
One of our video chat backgrounds to tell others that you stammer

Email sign-offs

You can also download an image to add to your email signatures, below

There are four to choose from. They also include the header 'I Stammer', with messages 'It's how I talk' or 'Just give me more time' underneath. 

To add one to your emails, simply go to the 'Signatures' section in the email options and paste it in.

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Tayo & Bhupinder
A speaker on stage at STAMMAFest 2023

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