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How We Produce Our Information

Find out how we at STAMMA create and review our information about stammering.


We produce independent, expert, up-to-date information for people who stammer and their supporters. We regularly review our information. It is written in plain English and we try to make it as accessible as possible.


We produce information about stammering, or stuttering as it is called in other parts of the world. This includes what stammering is, the latest research and what therapies are available. We also have information about aspects of living with a stammer. This includes employment, education, socialising and relationships.

You can search for stammering information using the search box. Or you can browse the pages in our Get Help section. 

We also produce printed leaflets for adults, parents, young people and teachers. You can order these free of charge from the STAMMA Shop. You can also download leaflets as pdfs


We aim to make our information as clear as possible. To do this, we aim to:

Unfortunately we do not currently have translations of our information. But it is something we aim to produce in the future. Is this something you could help us with? If you speak more than one language and would like to translate for us, drop us a line. Email 


Our information is written by our: 

  • Service Lead for Adults 
  • Service Lead for Children & Families
  • Web Editor. 

All have experience of stammering either through being someone who stammers, a qualified speech & language therapist, or both. The information is worked on collectively and published once a consensus is reached.


Our information reflects the best evidence at the time of writing. Evidence and sources include:

  • findings from academic research and reviews
  • articles from medical journals
  • expert opinion and good practice.

We are honest where there is not clear evidence for certain issues. We also set out any differing opinions.


STAMMA is committed to providing high quality, unbiased information about approaches available. These include approaches for children and adults who stammer. Approaches should not conflict with our values

All of the approaches promoted on our Therapy & Courses section have been reviewed by the STAMMA Service Panel. These include apps & devices. The Service Panel is made up of staff and trustees, some with a background in speech & language therapy.


Research into stammering is constantly updating and changing. Researchers regularly contact STAMMA asking us to promote their research projects. We want to make sure that any research we support is well evidenced, meaningful and benefits the stammering community. Our Research Panel meets throughout the year to review current research into stammering. The Research Panel:

  • critically reviews research about stammering. It also tries to explain the key information or messages as accessibly as possible
  • advise staff on how to measure the impact of STAMMA's campaigns
  • review studies people want us to promote to make sure that these meet our criteria 
  • highlight new research which might be of value or interest to our members.

Our panel is made up of trustees, ex-trustees and staff at STAMMA. All members have experience in delivering or reviewing research and many stammer.


We very much welcome your comments and suggestions. See our Feedback page to tell us what you think about our information.

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