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John, Bhupinder, Orla & Taypo

Our Mission

Read all about our vision, values and what STAMMA believes in.


We exist to create a world that makes space for stammering. Where a stammer is embraced as just a difference. Where no-one judges us on our stammer or the way we choose to deal with it.


We will stand up for and empower those who stammer and challenge discrimination wherever we find it. 

We will provide support and information and fight for speech and language therapy services for those who want it. No matter how you talk, we're here for you. 

Join us and help the public understand that stammering is not a sign of being shy, drunk, dishonest, nervous or weak. It's simply how some of us talk.


Read all about our strategy for 2024-2027.


We are a membership organisation with a diverse network, united by the experience of stammering and for people who stammer. 

We celebrate different voices. It is not our place to make judgements about if or how people choose to manage their stammer.  

  • We value collaboration. We work with others to give the greatest voice, best insights, most effective campaigns for people who stammer.
  • We value community. We provide spaces for people to come together to support, learn, celebrate and campaign for change.
  • We value the individual. We listen to personal stories, provide a platform for sharing and respect individual choices. 
  • We value diversity. We seek out and celebrate different voices, perspectives and experiences in respectful debate. Read our Equality & Diversity Policy
  • We value openness. We are open in our dealings; selfless and generous spirited, honest and straightforward, professional but informal. We are unafraid and speak truth to power.

What do we believe?

STAMMA is a broad church and we're here to support anyone who stammers in the UK. 

We don't believe there is any one path that everyone who stammers should take. Our membership includes firm followers of the McGuire Programme and the Starfish Project, fans of City Lit, those who swear by meditation, and those who don't feel the need for therapy.

We believe that people shouldn't feel under pressure to hide their stammer, or be held back by it. We support those who passionately believe there should be no need to hide or control their stammer as well as those who seek more fluent or smoother speech. 

We can help people find out more about the therapies and techniques available to help them to become more confident in their speech. 

We are also here to raise awareness about stammering in the general public so that the hurdles faced by people who stammer are more widely understood.

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Company & charity details

The British Stammering Association, trading as STAMMA, is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England No. 4297778. Its registered office is Box 140, 43 Bedford Street, London WC2E 9HA.

It is a charity registered in England and Wales no 1089967, and in Scotland no. SC038866. Prior to incorporation, the association was first registered as a charity in 1978.

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  • create our award-winning campaigns for change. 

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Updated May 2022.

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Tayo & Bhupinder
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