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Take Part In Stammering Research

Do you fancy being involved in new studies into stammering? Your experiences and input could help others who stammer.

One way to get involved is to attend one of our online STAMMA Research Arena events. This is your chance to give your input into projects that are in an early stage of development.

Or you can take part in current research studies. See the list below. These are by researchers who have asked us to find people to take part. They are not affiliated with STAMMA unless stated. Each request has been assessed by our Research Panel.

*If you're a researcher looking for participants, click here.

Current research projects

Looking for research participants?

If you are a researcher looking for people to take part in your research, please download and complete our Research Participation Request form below. Then email it to 

About the STAMMA Research Panel

Research into stammering is constantly updating and changing. Researchers regularly contact STAMMA asking us to promote their research projects. We want to make sure that any research we support is well evidenced, meaningful and benefits the stammering community. Our research committee meet throughout the year to review current research into stammering. The committee:

  • critically review research about stammering and try to explain the key information or messages as accessibly as possible.
  • advise staff on how to measure the impact of STAMMA's campaigns.
  • review studies people want us to promote to make sure that these meet our criteria. 
  • highlight new research which might be of value or interest to our members.

Our committee is made up of trustees, ex-trustees and staff at STAMMA. All members have experience in delivering or reviewing research and many are also people who stammer.

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Tayo & Bhupinder
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