Speech & Language Therapists

A Speech and Language Therapist speaking to a client over the computer

Passionate about stammering? We’re here to support you in your work with people who stammer, whatever age group you work with.

Whether you’re a qualified or student therapist, you’re an important part of the stammering community so please join us in our campaign to create a better world for people who stammer. What’s more, it doesn’t cost a thing! Encourage your clients to do the same – together we’re stronger.

We also have information leaflets for parents, children, young people and adults which you can read and share with others. Download them here or order physical copies for free here.

How we can help you

our website

Our website is jam-packed with useful information for you and your clients. We’ve made it easy to find your way around. Take a look at Your Voice section – loads of inspirational stories for your clients to read. You could encourage your clients to share their own story too.

Local groups

Adult clients might well find it useful to join a local group – we’ve put together a handy list of all the local groups in the UK. Here you’ll find information on how to set up a self-help group. If there’s not a group in your area, what about setting one up?

The Stamma Helpline

Anyone affected by stammering can make use of our free, confidential and anonymous helpline – so do give us a ring if you’ve got a question. And get your clients to call us to let off steam after a frustrating day, to tackle fears of using the phone or to practise speech techniques. Make the helpline part of your therapy.

Our Library

We’ve got some great books and DVDs for you to borrow for free, just a small charge for postage. Click here to visit our library.

Take a look at this interactive resource Let's talk about stammering from Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, which sets out to 'bust myths and highlight evidence-based facts about stammering'.

Professional development

Want to develop your skills with working with people who stammer? Here are some suggestions:

Join the national and/or local clinical excellence networks. The National Dysfluency CEN offers members three study days a year held in different parts of the country for only £25 a year. For details of your local clinical excellence network contact the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.

Attend a post-graduate course – here's a list of the main UK providers of post-graduate training in stammering therapy:

Become a European Fluency Specialist through the European Clinical Specialisation in Fluency Disorders one-year programme.


Conferences are a great way of learning from and meeting people who stammer, researchers and therapists.

The BSA National Conference runs every two years.

"...Overall, I had a great experience; it was wonderful to engage with such inspirational people, participate in the workshops, socialise and relax in the bar in the evenings, sharing experiences. I'd recommend the conference to all my colleagues with an interest in the complex field of stammering..."

SLT writing in The Art of Communication: BSA conference 2012

International academic conferences 

The Oxford Dysfluency Conference is held every three years, and it's a great conference to attend if you're a Speech and Language Therapist. You can attend for the whole event or just go for a day - the next one is in September 2020.

The European Clinical Specialisation in Fluency Disorders holds a symposium every two years in Belgium, so not too far from home.

Stuttering: the Croatia Clinical Symposium runs over three days featuring a master class demonstrations. For further information contact: asrc.croatiasymposium@uts.edu.au

International Conference on Stuttering is a three day event in Rome, for researchers and the professionals in the field of assessment and treatment of stammering.

The International Fluency Association organises an international conference every three years in different parts of the world. The next conference will be held in July 2021 in Montreal – better start saving!

Become a member. Connect with others locally & online. Volunteer, donate & share your story to inspire others.