New e-Resource from Bradford NHS

A drawing of a lady with a zip as a mouth, with the title 'Let's talk about stammering', Bradford NHS

12th June 2020

Introducing a new educational resource from Bradford NHS.

A speech & language therapist from Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust (BDCT) has teamed up with students from Bradford University to create a free new resource that aims to increase awareness, tackle stigma and educate about stammering.

The BDCT say, "In society there is misunderstanding about stammering. Due to this, Kath Bond, Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Dave Barraclough, Learning Developer, and Bradford University have joined forces.

'In her years of working as a therapist, Kath has been frustrated with the overwhelming need for education about stammering across a broad range of people working in the areas of education, health and social care. Disappointingly, an older pupil she recently worked with was told repeatedly by his GP as a young child that he would “grow out of it” and another was incorrectly diagnosed as having a learning disability.

'From this, 'About Stammering', an innovative e-learning package, was created to bust myths and highlight evidence-based facts about stammering. Crucially, it challenges current negative attitudes and responses to stammering in society, enabling a more stammer-friendly world through an engaging, non-judgmental approach.

'Involving the local people of Bradford was important in developing the tool. Graphic design and animation students from Bradford University helped to create engaging visuals, and people who stammer in Bradford also contributed ideas, opinions, artwork and most importantly their voices. As the interactive tool promotes empathy and empowerment, our strapline 'Better lives, together' certainly has been the driving inspiration of this project.

The free 'Let's talk about stammering' resource can be found at:

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