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A female helpline operator taking a call


Ring us to find information, offload, share your worries, desensitise yourself to the phone, practise techniques or prepare for job interviews. Or to just talk to someone.

call free on 
0808 802 0002

Open every weekday, 10am-12noon and 6pm-8pm.
Or email us at

The helpline is staffed by volunteers and people who stammer or who have worked in the field, so we know what it's like to stammer. The helpline is confidential, free and anonymous. If you can't get through at first, do try again. 

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Unfortunately we can't take calls from outside the UK. Try the International Stuttering Association - their website has a list of the stammering organisations worldwide here.

Just speaking to someone who understood stammering and provided guidance and contacts was enormously helpful and reassuring. It was nice to hear someone with a stammer at the other end of the phone.

Listen to Helpline Manager Lee introducing the helpline in the video below.

Become a member. Connect with others locally and online. Volunteer, donate and share your story to inspire others. Everyone is welcome.