Two images, a map of the UK on the left and a man standing next to a stone marker and wearing hiking gear on the right
Anton Amelung

Anton's walk across Scotland for STAMMA

30th October 2023

Anton Amelung concludes his epic journey from John O'Groats to the Scottish Borders this week to raise money for STAMMA, almost a month after setting out.  

Anton, pictured above, who is originally from Germany and known as @TheStutteringStoic on Instagram, began his hike in early October and has covered a whopping 325+ miles on foot — walking through valleys and towns as well as two named storms.

As his journey comes to a close, we wanted to showcase his fantastic feat and share his fundraiser for a final push. Anton, who stammers, has always been open on social media about the devastating impact of negative societal responses to stammering on both children and adults.

If you'd like to give something, check out Anton's JustGiving page, and read his story.  

Anton says: "There is hope for everyone. We have the strength and the ability, and we all deserve to reach our full potential. Our stutter is not just a stepping stone in our path, but a mountain. A mountain that has been put in our path in order for us to climb it. And with every step we take, we get stronger. It is our job to reach the top to see the light and realise the fruit of our labour".

As if thru-hiking across one of the year's most catastrophic storms wasn't feat enough, Anton continued to keep us and his followers updated via Instagram Lives and Stories, giving us an insight into his thoughts on stammering, self-reflection, and sometimes just dropping breathtaking photos of the stunning valleys and hills that make up the Scottish countryside.  

On the West Highland Way, Anton met fellow hikers, passed through villages and towns, and trudged through field after field. He documented his journey throughout: from awe-inspiring panoramic views captioned "There is something Godlike to this country", to amusing photos of, and selfies with, cow after cow after cow. 

You can view Anton's posts and updates on the STAMMA Instagram Page, on the highlight 'Anton's Journey'. 

Two women in running outfits holding flags and looking at the camera
Tayo & Bhupinder
A speaker on stage at STAMMAFest 2023

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