Poem: I have a stammer

A young boy holding a piece of paper, smiling for the camera
Sam with his poem

Read this fantastic poem by Sam (aged 10) and his mum Victoria, and watch Sam read it out below.

Victoria said, "Sam has found this year particularly difficult with his stammer. We decided to sit down and talk about how he was feeling and put it into words. Together we came up with a poem that we hoped would help other children with a stammer and to educate people on how to support someone who stammers."

I have a stammer

By Sam & Victoria Wiggins

I have a stammer
It's a part of me
My words can get stuck
And they don't flow free 

It doesn't mean I'm shy 
I'm not weak or scared 
Sometimes my words 
Are just hard to be heard 

The words are right there 
On the tip of my tongue 
They often get stuck 
And my pauses are long 

Sometimes I repeat 
A sound or a word 
This makes it hard 
For my voice to be heard 

I ask you to wait 
Be patient and smile 
My words will come out 
But it may take a while 

Don't finish my sentence
Don't laugh and don't stare 
Just give me some time
And show me you care

The more I relax 
I want you to know 
I feel more confident 
And the easier they flow 

I am important too
My opinions still matter
I just struggle to keep up
With the flow of the chatter 

Be happy being you 
And that is the key 
I have a stammer 
It's what makes me, Me

If you our your child would like to send us a poem, story, article or anything else creative that's to do with stammering, send it to editor@stamma.org 

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Tayo & Bhupinder
A speaker on stage at STAMMAFest 2023

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