Bhupinder's vlog: Having bad days

Bhupinder Purewal's videos about living with a stammer.

25th April 2023

Having a bad day as a stammerer

In this episode, Bhupinder talks about days when she feels more anxious about her speech. Those times when she overthinks things and puts pressure on herself. She also talks about trying to focus on the good things.

21st June 2022

How I tackle stammering in group situations

In this episode, STAMMA Youth Panel member Bhupinder talks about the challenges of speaking in a group of people, comparing yourself to others and worrying about timing. Watch it above.

Why we feel uncomfortable when we stammer

In Bhupinder's latest vlog post, she reflects on what makes us feel like we can't stammer openly, and how it can be difficult for her to feel relaxed in conversations. Watch it below.

What makes me most uncomfortable is the fact that my identity is constantly shifting.

How to feel less negative about stammering

30th March 2022

In the episode below, Bhupinder talks about the times when she feels awkward when stammering, and gives her tips on how to get past this feeling. Note: one of the things she says has helped her is to always tell the other person that she stammers - we acknowledge that this can be hard to do, so don't beat yourself up if you find this uncomfortable. 

How I approach stammering

11th March 2022

In her first video, Bhupinder introduces her new YouTube channel 'This Stammering Life', which we are guest hosting on our site, and talks about how her approach to stammering has changed. Watch it below.

More about Bhupinder

Hi, I'm Bhupinder and I'm a primary school teacher and founder of the group Coventry Stammerers.

I recently went through a difficult period when I started teaching and began to doubt myself due to my stammer. When I discovered the stammering community, it really helped me to not only accept my stammer but embrace it. I decided to create a YouTube channel, 'The Stammering Life' to put my experiences out there. 

With my videos I would love to help other stammerers feel that their voice is important and that they don't need to change to live a full life. 

My videos

In my videos I'll be talking about how I embrace my stammer in my daily life; the impact the stammering community has had on me; and my experiences as a teacher who stammers. I'll also be sharing advice about the things which have helped my confidence and self-esteem, as well as being open about the things I still struggle with. 

Until recently, I was ashamed of my stammer because I rarely heard people who sounded like me. With my videos I would love to help other stammerers feel that their voice is important and that they don't need to change to live a full life. I think that sharing my experiences will really help others to feel less isolated and to show them that there is a whole community of stammerers out there. I hope it will also raise awareness of stammering within the non-stammering community.

Bhupinder has set up a Facebook page The Stammering Life and a YouTube channel if you'd like to connect. Follow her channel on Instagram using @thestammeringlife.

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