ISAD 2024 online conference: Call for submissions

An illustrated face with a hand behind its hear, with 'The Power of Listening' text above it

Organisers of the International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) Online Conference in October invite you or your child to submit something. The theme is 'The Power of Listening'.

The ISAD Online Conference is an independently-run event celebrating ISAD on 22nd October, and it's been going since 1998.

Throughout the whole of October, their website will be bursting with articles and research papers, video and audio presentations, and stammering-related creative expressions. You can take part and submit something for inclusion, whether you're a person who stammers, a parent, a child, a speech & language therapist (SLT) or a stammering ally.


Their theme for this year's event is 'The Power of Listening'. Co-organiser Pamela Mertz explains: "People who stutter have the unique opportunity to teach the world to listen. Listening helps us build trust, and better understand other people's situations and feelings. We all want to be heard and feel validated".

What does 'The Power of Listening' mean to you? The ISAD Online Conference invites you to write or record something, share research and presentations, or submit your artwork, poems and short videos. 

For a few suggestions, Pam prompts: 

  • "What are your experiences as a person who stammers and what advice would you like to give to your listener? 
  • 'Parents, what are your experiences on listening, struggles and good practice?
  • 'Speech & language therapists, what are your thoughts on listening in the therapy room?
  • 'Kids & teens, what advice do you have for parents, siblings, teachers and friends and how do you want people to listen to you?"

How to submit something

See the ISAD Online Conference website for full details of the event and instructions for submissions. The deadline for submissions is Saturday 31st August 2024.

If you submit something for the conference, we'd love to hear about it here at STAMMA email with details and we'll give your submission a special plug to our supporters during the event.

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