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Posted 11th August 2021

Thanks to a grant from the Pears Foundation, as part of the Government's £750m charities package, we're offering FREE online support workshops.

We're offering three types of workshops, for: 

  • Parents of pre-school children who stammer
  • Parents of primary school-aged children who stammer, or
  • Teenagers who stammer and their parents.

The Zoom workshops are led by speech & language therapists who specialise in working with children and teenagers who stammer and their parents. 

More information for each workshop is below.

Funding for the workshops is part of Government's £750m charities package. It is being granted through Pears Foundation's trusted, long-term partners to ensure funding gets to frontline organisations and their communities.

for parents of pre-school children

Individual workshops take place in September, December 2021, and January 2022.

For full details, see our 'Workshop for parents of pre-school children who stammer workshop' event page.

For parents of primary school-aged children

This workshop will be led by Jenny Packer, a Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist.

This 2-and-a-half hour workshop aims to help you understand why your primary school-aged child's stammer may have increased or started during the last 18 months. It will look at the impact that on/off school attendance, reduced social interactions and lockdowns may have had on your child's stammer.

You'll be able to share ideas about ways to talk about stammering with your child, as well as general strategies you can use to help your child communicate with confidence.

Dates to be announced soon. Email us at and we'll keep you updated

For Teenagers & their parents

This November & December we're offering a free, online 2-day workshop that will focus on helping teenagers feel better about stammering through fun, friendship and working on how to help the people around them do more of what's helpful.   

The aim of the 2 sessions is to allow you as young people who stammer to meet and work together to reduce any negative feelings you may have associated with stammering. You may find that such feelings have been affected by lockdowns and changes in schooling over the last couple of years. There will be an emphasis on moving towards helping yourself feel more comfortable stammering and understanding how you'd like other people to respond when you do.   
The sessions are online and led by speech & language therapists.  
They are split over 2 days and participants will be expected to attend both. Parents are invited to join for the last hour.  
Places on this workshop are limited. We'll contact you as soon as possible to let you know if you have a place.  
Session 1: Saturday 27th November 2021
10am-1pm for teenagers, then 1-2pm for parents   

Session 2: Saturday 4th December 2021
10am-1pm for teenagers, then 1-2pm for parents

(*This event was originally planned for October but has been rescheduled.)

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