How to get your approach listed

A guide on how to apply for a listing on if you run, or are affiliated with, a stammering course or intervention.

STAMMA is committed to providing high quality, unbiased information about approaches available to children and adults who stammer. Approaches should not conflict with our values.

All of the approaches promoted on our Therapy & Courses section, and our Apps & Devices page, have been reviewed by the STAMMA Service Panel. This panel is made up of staff and trustees, some with a background in speech and language therapy.

If you would like to apply for your approach to be listed, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your approach meets the criteria listed below.
  • Download, complete and return the application form below.


To be listed on our website, all approaches need to meet the following criteria:

1 It offers realistic expectations of change and NOT an offer of a cure.

2 Clear information is given on:

  • the overall approach, explained in straightforward and accessible terms
  • who will be delivering the therapy or approach
  • the location of therapy/approach
  • the costs involved
  • the length of the programme
  • the availability of follow-up support
  • the level of commitment required to maintain the changes
  • the rationale behind the therapy or approach.

3 The language used to describe stammering and the therapy/approach is neutral and unbiased, and does not stigmatise stammering in any way. For example, stammering is not described as a misfortune or as an affliction and people who stammer are not described as suffering from stammering. 

4 The therapy/approach recognises the need to be open to stammering at some level, to facilitate speech and/or attitudinal change.

5 The therapy/approach is nationally recognised and/or has a clear evidence base as empowering people to manage their stammering more easily. We judge this based on several factors including an organisation’s track record over time, peer reviews and feedback.


If you would like your therapy or approach to be included on the STAMMA website, please download and complete the 'Get your approach listed' form below and email it to We will then pass it to our Service Panel for assessment.