Belfast Stammer Support

A support group and network in Belfast for people who stammer, as well as parents and teachers.

Belfast Stammer Support was founded in 2019 after co-founder Peter Bradley appeared on a BBC interview about being a firefighter with a stammer. Jamie Wilson saw it, made contact with Peter and they organised a first meeting.

Peter and Jamie say, "We provide mentoring and a listening ear to people who stammer and help parents and teachers have a better understanding about stammering. We also deliver workshops and training to educators, and talks to private companies and groups".

Our mission: 

  • To make life better for people who stammer in Northern Ireland.
  • To facilitate an active social network for people who stammer to connect, share experiences and build friendships which will help to normalise stammering.
  • To provide role models to our young people who stammer to help them believe in themselves.
  • To provide support to the parents and teachers of young people who stammer. We believe that they are in the best positions to help build confidence and address the negative feelings and issues around stammering.
  • To fundraise to help families of young people who stammer in need of financial support to access specialist services or help meet the needs of a young person who stammers.

Read more at the Belfast Stammer Support website.


If you'd like to get in touch with Peter & Jamie, email or call/text Peter on 07709846456.

You can read about Peter in the Your Voice article he wrote for us.

Peter Bradley at work
Two women in running outfits holding flags and looking at the camera
Tayo & Bhupinder
A speaker on stage at STAMMAFest 2023

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