Poem: Equality for people who stammer

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Daniel Sydenham sent us this poem addressed to the general public, calling for people who stammer to be treated the same as everyone else.

Equality for People Who Stammer

by Daniel Sydenham

Equality is a battle that has gone on for years
Many times it has brought people to tears
Shouts from people that nobody hears
All because they are different to their peers
The people who were different were faced with sneers.

I am part of a group that nobody hears
I am someone who stammers, trying to conquer my fears
I am part of a community trying to make sure the world can hear
That we, the people who stammer, are here.

We are not people who you should fear
Just because you think we didn't hear
The questions and judgements coming from fear
The fear of not knowing how to approach us.

The answer is simple, treat us the same
The same way you'd treat friends or family, spare us the pain
The pain of people who walk away
Not waiting to hear what we have to say
The pain of people rushing us when we can't utter a sound.

We aren't seen on TV all year round
We have one day where we can be found
October 22nd, the day we stand proud
Where we shout out loud and attract a crowd.

About the poem

Daniel says: "I am someone who stammers. I'm 18 and I've had my stammer for I think 14 or 15 years. My poem is about how people with a stammer feel and the negativity we receive. It might help to make us stand out more, it might not. It's worth a try. I got in touch with STAMMA after they sent a letter to broadcasters to show more people who stammer on TV and film. We should be seen on TV more. I've experienced that virtually everyone else has appeared on TV regardless of their disability/ies...apart from people who stammer".

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