New online men's group

Three men sitting around a table looking at the camera, above a man running in a sponsored run, and a man in a suit
Clockwise from top to bottom: members of the Essex Stammering Support Group, Kelly Brown and Adam

We're thrilled to announce a new online meetup for males who stammer.

Join group founder Adam says, "Men are historically expected to not talk about their feelings. This can have a negative impact when the way you speak might affect your social and professional life. The 'man up' approach simply isn't sustainable. 

'The group is for men who might not feel that they have anyone to talk to about their stammer. I want it to be an open space where we can pull up a chair and talk openly, without fear of judgement or embarrassment".

Go to the Men Who Stammer Online Group for more details, and for Adam's back story.

At the first online meeting on 12th March, from 8-9pm, Scotland rugby star and Patron of STAMMA Kelly Brown will be the special guest. Kelly will talk on the night and you'll get a chance to ask him questions as well.

*Sorry this event has finished. If you'd like to join the group email and we'll put you in touch with Adam.

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Tayo & Bhupinder
A speaker on stage at STAMMAFest 2023

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