Watch it back: One to One with David Mitchell

30th June 2021

The latest in our One to One series, with poet Zaffar Kunial chatting with the writer David Mitchell.

Thank you to all who attended our webinar last Sunday, where Zaffar and David had a really interesting discussion about their relationships with stammering and its influence on their creativity. Watch the whole video above.

David is the acclaimed author of Black Swan Green, a semi-autobiographical story of a boy, Jason, coming to terms with his stammer, as well as Cloud Atlas, which was adapted into a Hollywood movie. He's also a STAMMA patron.

As a result of writing Black Swan Green I reached the same conclusion that Jason does: you can't be at war with yourself, my stammer's me. It's like being at war with my liver. What good's that going to do?

David Mitchell

This event was the latest in our series where each interviewee takes their turn at interviewing. To come along to future STAMMA One to One events, where you'll have the chance to put your questions to guests, become a member for free and we'll keep you updated.

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