One to One: Poet Owen Sheers

Sorry, this event has ended, but see what else is coming up.
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Monday 8th March 2021 1:00pm

Join us for the latest in our 'daisy chain' interview series as we speak to the poet Owen Sheers.

Author Jonty Claypole, who we interviewed last month, turns interviewer for our ONE TO ONE series. He'll be speaking to the poet Owen Sheers about his relationship with words and how his stammer influences his work.

Owen, a STAMMA Patron, has won many awards for his writing, including The Wilfred Owen Poetry Award, a Somerset Maugham Award, Welsh Book of the Year, The Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award and a BAFTA Cymru Award.

He says, "I'm one of many individuals who works with words, written and spoken, and who happens to have a stammer. I'm sure it has provided me with a more nuanced relationship with language, cultivating a more attuned awareness of the weight, meaning and resonance that all words carry."

This event has taken place, but you can watch Owen's interview below.

You can also watch Jonty himself being interviewed.

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Sorry, this event has ended, but see what else is coming up.
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