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Three men sitting around a table looking at the camera, above a man running in a sponsored run, and a man in a suit
Clockwise from top to bottom: members of the Essex Stammering Support Group, Kelly Brown and Adam

A monthly online group for men who stammer.

This group is the brainchild of Adam, who wanted to bring men who stammer together. Adam said, "This group is a safe space for men to chat, share experiences and be themselves. There's no expectation, no pressure and no judgement.

'With the statistical majority of people who stammer being men, compounded by the stereotypical 'man up' mentality, the group is where men from all walks of life and all backgrounds can support each other.   

'It's an opportunity to share, vent your frustrations, talk about a positive experience or about something that matters to you. Everyone has a part to play in lifting the stigma of being a man with a stammer!".

If you'd like to join the group, email and we'll put you in touch with Adam.

The group had its first meeting in March 2024, with guest Kelly Brown, renowned rugby star and Patron of STAMMA. Watch a panel discussion about stammering in sport featuring Kelly, as well as Leeds Utd footballer Luke Ayling.

More about Adam

Adam says, "Having stammered since a young age, and certainly since joining the Army at 21, I've felt the pressure that having a stammer can cause.

'When I became involved with the Defence Stammering Network (now STAMMA Defence), I felt like a massive weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I suddenly had a group of people to talk to that just 'got it'. They played an important part in me applying for a Service transfer to try and commission into the RAF. 

'This was a dream career that I'd almost forgotten about, as I'd not made it through the selection process after struggling with my stammer when leaving full-time education. Knowing people that were successful, especially in the direction that I wanted to go in, was invaluable to me.

'I think it's crucial for men to see that they can be successful at whatever they want to do. Their stammer does not define the direction their life is going to take. I also think that it's important to recognise that having a stammer can bring its own issues, and that if these are 'bottled up' then it can have a detrimental effect.

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Tayo & Bhupinder
A speaker on stage at STAMMAFest 2023

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