ISAD 2021: Diversity & Inclusivity Workshop

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A 45-minute workshop on International Stammering Awareness Day (ISAD) aimed at people working within Diversity & Inclusion or leadership roles within their organisations.

Can you imagine a world without Elvis Presley, Alan Turing, Winston Churchill, Lewis Carroll? Their lives shape our lives. They all had a stammer. Don't miss out on talent. 

Date & time: Friday 22nd October, 1:15pm
Online via Zoom

During the workshop you'll learn:

  • Key information about stammering.
  • The value employees who stammer can bring to your organisation.
  • Practical tips for welcoming people who stammer to your organisation and creating working environments in which they can thrive.

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This webinar is being recorded, however no attendees will be featured in the final video, only our panelists.

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