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12th October 2021

Things you can do on social media this International Stammering Awareness Day (Friday 22nd October).

While it's great to see people talk about their stammer on TV and radio on ISAD, we need more. We believe people who stammer should be heard more than just once or twice a year on the TV and radio; and not just talking about stammering.

Imagine a world where you hear people who stammer in soaps and dramas, reading the weather and on talk shows. How revolutionary would that be? It would normalise stammering, so people who don’t stammer wouldn’t be surprised or react negatively when they meet someone who does.


  1. Sign and promote our petition. We've written an open letter to tell the media to include people who stammer throughout the year. Please sign and share. Go to
  2. Share our message on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - Join the conversation with the hashtags #ISAD2021 #IStammerToo #NoDiversityWithoutDisfluency.
  3. Let the world know you stammer tooRegardless of how you stammer, covert or overt. Record a video on your phone or laptop and share on social media:

Tell us three things that make you you.
Finish with the statement 'I stammer too'.
Point up at the end – and tell people to sign our petition.
When you share the video, include a link to the petition:
and the hashtags #ISAD2021 #IStammerToo #NoDiversityWithoutDisfluency.

Here's a script and some examples if you need inspiration:

"Hi. I’m Joan. I play the piano, I’m a brain surgeon and I skateboard.  And I stammer too. But people like me who stammer are invisible. We want to be seen and heard on TV, film and radio all year round. Not just talking about stammering.  There can be no diversity without disfluency. Sign the petition"

Any questions? Drop us an email at

Read more about our new campaign No Diversity Without Disfluency

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Tayo & Bhupinder
A speaker on stage at STAMMAFest 2023

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