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(Above: Nuclear Stammering Network co-founders Michael Wright, David Adams & Paul Martin)

15th March 2023

Michael, David and Paul, co-founders of the Nuclear Stammering Network, are passionately advocating for people who stammer at the Sellafield nuclear plant and beyond with astonishing results. We caught up with them to hear more.

Professional stammering networks are so exciting. They hold potential for making a change in both an individual's working and personal life, and for creating positive shifts for the workplace. 

When passionate and committed founding members are working with a company that wholeheartedly believes in the cause and supports them at each step, networks thrive. It was immediately clear when speaking with co-founder Michael Wright that Sellafield has fully embraced the Nuclear Stammering Network and all of the hard work that the founders and members have put in. It's not only recognised, but is celebrated and thoroughly respected.

Network benefits 

The Network provides a stammering support group as well as individual support, and connects others in the industry who stammer. It has also worked with Sellafield to provide extra support such as one week's special leave to attend stammering courses, should an individual want it. 

Not only this, but the founders also sit on the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee. This has led to stammering being included in Sellafield's Disability Passports, which eliminate the need for people to continually tell new line managers about their stammer. Instead, the passports set out which reasonable adjustments the individual requires to ensure they are comfortable at work and can thrive. Michael explained that adjustments could include the option to work from home in a quieter environment when desired, or limiting back-to-back meetings. On top of this, the Network has worked with STAMMA to provide information, advice and guidance on stammering to line managers. 

All welcome

Throughout our conversation, Michael and co-founder David Adams spoke about the importance of welcoming everyone who stammers in the nuclear sector along with the local community of Allerdale & Copeland no matter what they're looking for, whether they're interested in therapy or just looking to connect with others. They understand that whilst people may have different relationships with their speech, members are united by their stammers and so can share their experiences and reflections in a caring, considerate and non-judgemental way. 

What's next? 

Together with other co-founder Paul Martin, the three are always pushing forward for more representation and the normalisation of stammering in the workplace and beyond. Soon, lanyards proudly sporting the 'Nuclear Stammering Network' logo (see picture above) will be worn around sites, whilst they continue to strive to empower and support more people who stammer. 

They've got their eyes on appearing in EDI roadshows as speakers and no doubt will continue to work with us at STAMMA to encourage other networks to form and thrive. Watch this space!

If you work in the nuclear sector or live in the Allerdale & Copeland area in Cumbria and would like to join, email Michael, David and Paul at Read more about The Nuclear Stammering Network and other Professional Networks.

If they've inspired you to want to set up a network in your workplace, STAMMA can help. Contact us at for details. Michael, David & Paul are happy to give tips, so email them too.

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