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(L-R: Nic, Vee, Kirsten, Paul & Dean)

18th July 2023

Last weekend, Vee, our Network & Campaigns Lead, went on her first STAMMA Striders walk. Read about her day and why she thinks the concept is a fantastic way to connect.

As the Network & Campaigns Lead, I was keen to connect with the stammering community outside the confines of Zoom or the indoors. So, last Sunday (16th July) I put my walking boots on and had the pleasure of joining my first STAMMA Striders walk in the Peak District, and I absolutely loved it.  

STAMMA Striders is a walking group in the north of England, set up by Paul & Dean, and it's for anyone who stammers and their supporters. We went on a gentle 6-mile walk amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Langsett Reservoir in Yorkshire. A fairly flat terrain for most of it, it was definitely suitable for anyone who's into walking, not just the fit or experienced bunch.

We were 8 striders in total, a remarkable turnout considering the weather forecast had predicted rain (I hate UK summers!). There was me, three kids, Nic, a speech & language therapist who's a fantastic ally for everyone who stammers; Kirsten, STAMMA's Deputy CEO, and Paul and Dean. And a squirrel that caught everyone's attention during our lunchbreak.  

A child and four adults in a forest, some sitting, some standing, the adults are holding mobile phones
STAMMA Striders spotting a squirrel

Afterwards we went for cake and tea, which apparently is the rule at every Striders event, so definitely something to look forward to 😊.

It was a great experience that highlighted the incredible benefits of getting out, exploring and forging connections with like-minded people.


For people who stammer, the thought of participating in traditional support groups within a confined space, a community hall or a café, might feel too formal and less appealing. STAMMA Striders offers a unique alternative — an opportunity to explore the great outdoors while connecting with others who understand the challenges of living with a stammer. Walking alongside fellow striders, it became evident that this approach provides a refreshing and engaging way to build relationships.


During the walk at Langsett Reservoir, I learnt so much about everyone who had come along — their hobbies, careers, interests, families and pets, recent brilliant weekend activities and holidays. There was not much talk about stammering at all, it was just that some on the walk did stammer. 

Move on. 

It was heartwarming to witness the sense of camaraderie within the group. Regardless of whether you prefer walking silently or engaging in conversations, STAMMA Striders offers a space where you can just be yourself and enjoy the beauty of nature at your own pace.


Joining a STAMMA Striders walk is easy. The group provides clear information on where to meet for each walk and they proudly display a massive STAMMA flag so newcomers can easily find their way to the gathering point and join in the adventure.


STAMMA Striders was established in 2019 following a stammering event in Manchester. Inspired by the successful Walk 'n' Talk events from the Scottish Stammering Network, the group was created to give people who stammer an opportunity to connect with others through monthly walks. With no fixed agenda, STAMMA Striders provides a complementary option to other traditional support groups. 
Group co-founder Dean says, "I'd love for other groups to adopt the model locally, to have STAMMA Striders groups in different areas of the country." The North Hertfordshire group that usually meets in a restaurant or café, recently had their first outing and went on a nice walk in the countryside. 


STAMMA Striders organises walks in Yorkshire and the Peak District. They welcome people who stammer, as well as their friends, family and furry companions. If you're interested in joining the STAMMA Striders community, get in touch by emailing or join their STAMMA Striders Facebook Group. The next two walks are on 20th August and 17th September. SAVE THE DATE!

And if you are a group leader already, or you are a person who stammers and interested in organising a walk for your local community, get in touch with me at I'd love to help with that.

Two women in running outfits holding flags and looking at the camera
Tayo & Bhupinder
A speaker on stage at STAMMAFest 2023

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