Poem: To my younger self

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What would Anita S. Blom say to her younger self, worried about her stammer and her place in the world? Read her poem.

To my younger self

By Anita S. Blom

I wish I could tell you that I see you, and what you're trying to hide
I see you losing your faith in people
I see you losing your faith in you
I see you trying to do the unthinkable
I wish I could tell you what the future will bring
That bullying stops as you will become more confident
That you will get the job of your dreams as people will see your skills
That you will get a partner and friends as they cherish your warmth
I wish I could tell you how strong you are
As you will stand up after being pushed to the ground, time and time again
As you will take that job that demands many contacts and calls
As you will get family and friends simply because you keep being you
I wish I could tell you how proud I am of who you'll become
Talking in schools, trying to stop bullying
Talking to decision makers for them to acknowledge our needs
Talking to kids and their parents to give them strength and tools
So keep walking, all of you younger selves out there
Find that path, even if it's not been walked before
Find that strength, even if you think it's no longer there
Find your people, even if you think you're the only one
I know you, and so many others, will rise like a phoenix
As your battles will make you stronger
As you'll be surrounded by people who GET you
As you'll one day look in the mirror saying YES I CAN.

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