Tash's vlog: Tayo - 'Stop trying to cure stammering'

In this video, Tash chats with Tayo from the STAMMA Arts Network.

26th January 2023

Tash chats with Tayo Adesegun from the STAMMA Arts Network about stammering with family and friends, trolling comments about 'cures', and their experiences of speech and language therapy.

Tayo is the STAMMA Arts Network co-leader as well as a writer, actor and aspiring filmmaker hoping to make her filmmaking debut this year. Her film: 'Hi Again' Is a deeply personal film, about tackling loneliness in the pursuit of friendship. As a filmmaker Tayo hopes to make films that help lessen the stigma around stammering. Check out STAMMA Arts on Twitter: @arts_stamma and Instagram: @arts_stamma

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