'I Stammer' Cards

Three cards with text on them, and a hand holding a smartphone displaying some text

Physical and downloadable cards to let people know you stammer and need more time.

Do you find it difficult to communicate in shops or when using public transport? Do bar staff think you've had one too many drinks and refuse to serve you?

Buy or download our 'I Stammer' cards and show them to people so they know that you stammer and need a bit more time to speak.


Order a pack of 'I Stammer' cards from our shop. They cost £3.75 for a pack of 15. We also sell Travel pass holders you can put them in.


If you prefer, you can download an 'I Stammer' card to your smartphone or other device. They come in three colours: blue, green or yellow, with a different message on each one. Click on the one you want below to download it. There are also 'Face mask' cards you can show people if you are wearing a face mask.

Instructions for using the cards on your phone are below the list.