Survey: what stammering service do you want?

Posted 24th July 2023

Researchers from Western Sydney University invite you to take part in their research.

They are looking for adults who stammer to complete their online survey. It asks:

  • What type of service have you received, or are seeking for your stammer? What's your experience of those services?
  • What kind of service would you prefer:
    • support to control your stammer or,
    • support to speak without concern about stammering?

If you're 18+ and you stammer, click the link below to take part:

Access The Preferences of Adults Who Stutter online survey 


The research team are looking to understand what kind of service adults who stammer want. They'll also explore whether characteristics, eg age, gender and level of stammering, are related to this preference. 

They hope the findings will help therapists to better meet the needs of the stammering community. 


If you're interested in stammering research, come to the next online STAMMA Research Arena on Saturday 16th September. There you can have an input into new projects.

To see what other research projects you can take part in, see our Studies Looking for Participants page.

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