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Study: The Impact of Stammering Techniques

Posted Oct 2023

Take part in a new research project aiming to understand the effects of using speech techniques.

Charlie Wiltshire from Bangor University invites people who use speech techniques for their stammer, and those who don't, to help with her research.

Charlie says, "Some people who stammer use techniques to avoid stammering. These techniques often require the speaker to plan ahead and adapt the way they speak 'on the fly'. This may be related to skills in 'proactive control' — the ability to monitor upcoming events and react quickly.

'Using techniques to avoid stammering can have positive effects on reactions, attention and memory. But it can also cause tiredness and stress. With this study we want to understand these effects by asking people to complete online tasks and questionnaires. We're looking for people who use techniques, and those who don't, to take part.  

'The more we understand the effects, the more we can think about ways to reduce the negatives and celebrate the positives”.  

How to take part

Click here to access the study.

You need to be aged 18 to 50 to take part. If you use techniques for your stammer, the tasks and questionnaire should take 45 minutes to complete. If you don't use techniques they should take 25 minutes.

If you have any questions, please email  

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