Research request: Parents' experiences of the Penguin app

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Do you have a child who stammers? A researcher invites you to use and feedback on an app designed to support parents.

The 'Penguin' app, from the company BeneTalk, aims to help parents build confidence around supporting their child's stammer, as well as themselves. 

Alexa, a speech & language therapy student from Leeds Beckett University, wants to find out how effective the app is for her research project. She is looking for parents to use the app and share their experiences.

What does it involve?

Alexa would like you to:

  1. Download the Penguin app from the BeneTalk website and register.
  2. Read details about the study, which are displayed after you register. The complete a short questionnaire.
  3. Follow the app's 10-day course. It takes 5 minutes a day.
  4. Complete another short questionnaire, telling Alexa what you think of the app.

You need to be the parent of a young child who stammers to take part.

For more information, please email Alexa at

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