Announcing STAMMAFest Global 2022

24th August 2021

We are really excited to launch the STAMMAFest Global 2022 website, which will contain all the details for next year's conference!

STAMMAFest Global will be an international conference on stuttering/stammering. It's a 5-day event held from 24th to 28th August 2022 in Liverpool, UK, and the website is now live.

This conference will combine the 14th World Congress of the International Stuttering Association, held triennially, with STAMMA's own biennial conference.

The pandemic meant the original STAMMAFest, scheduled for August 2020 in Sheffield, couldn't go ahead. But we are delighted that such a great opportunity has come out of the frustration of that cancellation. We are now able to invite the world to Liverpool in 2022 to celebrate stammering and showcase all the great ways in which the stammering community works together in the UK.

Bringing the community together

STAMMAFest Global will bring the worldwide stammering community together after a period when face to face meet ups have been so difficult. We are so excited to have the chance to be together again to talk, socialise, celebrate our community, explore the way stammering can influence culture and the arts, discuss ways we can support the community to succeed in work and education, and to brainstorm ways to campaign and use activism to raise the profile of stammering around the world.

We invite everyone who is part of the stammering community to come along: whether you stammer yourself, have friends or family who stammer, or are a professional working within the community. It doesn't matter if you're already part of the community or dipping your toe into the world of stammering for the first time. Everyone will be welcome at STAMMAFest Global! 

What to expect

The conference programme is still being finalised, but look forward to:

  • Inspiring speakers from around the world
  • Panel discussions and debates
  • Workshops
  • Open mic sessions
  • A tour of Liverpool
  • Quiz night with a fish 'n' chip supper
  • A 'Festival vibe' evening with street food and music
  • Fun
  • Conversation
  • Laughter
  • Friendship.

Still not sure if STAMMAFest Global will suit you? Have a look at our 'Is it for me?' page to find out more. 

Join us in August 2022 to find community and friendship, entertainment, inspiration and international outreach. Help us change the world for all those who stammer — it's just how we talk.

For more information please visit our STAMMAFest website
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Two women in running outfits holding flags and looking at the camera
Tayo & Bhupinder
A speaker on stage at STAMMAFest 2023

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