The Fluency Trust

The Fluency Trust

The Fluency Trust is a registered charity which runs highly specialist residential courses for young people who stammer. It works in partnership with Swindon Borough Council (SBC).

What ages is it for?

Ages 10-17

What does it do?

Courses combine intensive speech therapy with outdoor pursuits to develop confidence and the ability to manage stammering.

There are two courses: The Blockbuster course (for children aged 10-12) and The Teens Challenge (for young people aged 13-17). Both courses aim to build a strong positive memory of stammering. With opportunity to explore what helps and build flexible thinking and self-help skills.

What happens on a course?

Courses are a mixture of therapy and outdoor activities including climbing, abseiling, kayaking, surfing and more.

Parent sessions are also offered at the assessment day, before and after the course and at the follow-up day. 

Who delivers the course?

The course is run by Specialist Speech and Language Therapist in Swindon alongside visiting therapists. 

When and where are courses held?

It involves a one-day assessment in July at The Saltway Centre, Swindon. This is followed by five days in July-August for the course at Skern Lodge Activity Centre, North Devon, and a follow-up day approximately eight weeks later.

How much does it cost?

The course is fully funded by The Fluency Trust Charity for everyone. The therapy element is funded by SBC for children who live in Swindon. For children outside of the Swindon area, this should be funded by your local NHS speech and language therapy provider (they should be able to support you in applying for this). 

Parents may choose to fund this themselves or explore local funding organisations, e.g. schools, rotary clubs or local charities. For further information, contact The Fluency Trust using the details below.

Speech & language therapy service

The Fluency Trust also has a specialist therapy service for children and adults who stammer. This is provided by SBC (Commissioned by the NHS) and is only available for people with a Swindon GP.

Where can I find out more? 

Visit The Fluency Trust website.
Email: Alex Ford at 

The Fluency Trust

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