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The BBC Stammering Support Network is open to anyone employed by the BBC who is affected by stammering.

Following a great response to her documentary 'I Can't Say My Name' which aired on the BBC in March 2021, BBC producer and presenter Felicity Baker was inundated with support from colleagues, some saying they stammer too.

This led her to join forces with colleagues Clive Collins and Gautum Rangarajan to set up the BBC Stammering Support Network, which is open to anyone employed by the national broadcaster who is affected by stammering and looking for support in the workplace.

It had its official launch on 10th June 2021, where they were joined by broadcaster Sophie Raworth for a special internal event. 

If you work for the BBC and would like to join the network, email for more information. 

Watch Felicity Baker & Sophie Raworth chat with STAMMA about their documentary 'I Can't Say My Name'

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