Brighton & Hove Stammering Support Group

The Brighton Pier

Monthly meetings for people who stammer in the Brighton/Hove area.

Organiser Naomi says, "We usually meet for two hours, and we take it in turns to speak individually and without interruption for a few minutes about whatever we wish, eg what we did that week, how our stammer has been, our emotions around our stammer or in general, or what we had for dinner the previous night! It's an opportunity for each of us to have independent valuable speaking space, to practise eye contact and to receive support should we want it. The rest of the evening is taken up with free discussion — techniques we find helpful, our emotions, positive and negative experiences, etc.

'We recently invited a psychologist from the Sussex Mindfulness Centre to join our group to deliver a mindfulness session, which was wonderful. We hope to do the same at some point with cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). 

We mostly cover just the Brighton & Hove area, but as there are no other stammering support groups close by, we have had people from as far as East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent join us. There is no boundary!

Times & venue

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month from 7pm to 9pm in Hove. Email Naomi below for more details.


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