Online Stammering Survey

The Spartan Stuttering Laboratory at Michigan State University is inviting you to take part in their online study to learn more about the experiences of people who stammer.

Background & purpose

Professor Scott Yaruss and Seth Tichenor, Doctoral Candidate at the University, say, 'The purpose of this study is to learn about what people who stammer experience. Research in this area has historically been mostly from the listener’s viewpoint. We want to know more about your viewpoint as a speaker and explore patterns that help explain individual differences across people who stammer'.  

What you will do

The study involves completing several online surveys. Each one takes between 5 and 15 minutes to complete and they are made up of questions asking you to rate something on a scale, as well as a few multiple choice and open-ended questions.

One of the surveys is a study on what recovery means. The others are about understanding individual differences in regard to how temperament, repetitive thinking and quality of life interrelate with one another.

How to access the online surveys

Take part in the study and to read more information.

The Spartan Stuttering Laboratory wants to reach as many people who stammer as possible, so please share it with anybody else you think might want to take part.

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