Tash's vlog: Responding to Ignorance

New vlogger Tash, looking at the camera on her computer

In this new series, Tash talks about what it's like to stammer and how it affects her everyday life.

Episode 4: Responding to Ignorance

8th October 2020

In her latest video, Tash talks about how she deals with people who laugh, comment or react negatively when she stammers. 

Episode 3: Meeting new people at University

21st September 2020

Tash talks about the frustrations and anxiety around meeting new people. For anyone starting University, or about to start, Tash also shares the things that have helped her, and explains how she deals with the question, 'Have you forgotten your name?'

Episode 2: Talking on the phone

7th September 2020

In her second video, Tash talks about the telephone and how hard it can be to use it. If you find it difficult too, see our Everyday Tips page for help with using the phone.

Episode 1

17th August 2020

In her first video blog, Tash explains the work that goes into speaking when you have a stammer. Watch it below.

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