Study: Career Experiences of People Who Stammer

Take part in a study exploring how stammering has impacted your career.

Posted 11th September 2023

Have you been overlooked, undervalued and underused in your job or in interviews because of how you talk? Or has your experience been positive? Lucy Deeny, from the University of the West of England, would love to hear from you.

Lucy says, "'Excellent communication', 'Public speaking skills'. When a person who stammers sees one of these phrases in a job advert or description, their initial reaction is not usually one of great enthusiasm. With my study I want to increase the level of knowledge and understanding in the careers guidance sector and in workplaces — your specific experiences as a person who stammers could help".

What will it involve?

Lucy invites you to take part in an interview that should take 45 minutes to an hour. You need to identify as having a stammer and be in some form of employment.

How to take part

If you would like to help Lucy with her study, click on the link: 'Career Experiences as a Person Who Stammers'. Fill in the short form to express your interest. The link also has more information.

Lucy is hoping to complete interviews by the end of September, so please fill out the form as soon as possible.


If you're interested in stammering research, come to the next online STAMMA Research Arena on Saturday 16th September. There you can have an input into new projects.

To see what other research projects are open, see our Take Part in Stammering Research page.

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