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Tim worked at the British Stammering Association (now STAMMA) in the late 1980s/early 90s, where he was editor of the members' magazine Speaking Out and fundraiser. Tim tells us his favourite therapist was Joseph Sheehan, whose main message was to not avoid speaking situations and not to hide your stammer. Feeling unable to do this, Tim says he took to psychotherapy to find out why. He is now a supporter of the 'stammering pride' approach. He is retired and his favourite pastime is writing humorous poetry.

Poem: I don't want to be cured (5th January 2024)

Playing with words (5th April 2023)

Poem: I could have been a stammerer (15th December 2022)

Poem: War and peace (23rd June 2022)

Say no to fluentism (9th May 2022)

I have stopped trying to be perfect (17th February 2022)

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