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New London group for women who stammer

There's a brand new group in London for women who stammer and the organisers are looking for new members.

The group has been set up by three women including Christine, who says, "This is a new group for women who stammer only. We offer:

  • a safe space for a diverse group of women to support each other
  • the opportunity to share your experiences of stammering, have a moan if you want or share a good experience
  • the chance to talk about issues you are worried about in relation to your speech, e.g. relationships, work environment or public speaking
  • the opportunity to practise any techniques you may wish.

'Female teens under 16 are welcome if accompanied by a female parent/carer. 16-17-year-olds can come to the meeting unaccompanied but please let us know when you contact us. 

'It can be daunting to come to a new self-help group for the first time. If you have any worries or questions please email us at the address below and we will do our best to help." 

Click here for details of the next group meeting.

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Tayo & Bhupinder
A speaker on stage at STAMMAFest 2023

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