'Yes, I Stammer' Audio-visual art project

'Yes, I Stammer' Art Project

Photography student John Hammond talks about the inspiration behind his audio-visual project that aims to give a voice to people who stammer.

Currently in his third year at Falmouth University studying Press and Editorial Photography, John said, "I have stammered for most of my life and have always been frustrated by people who have finished my sentences and mimicked my stammer. Because of this and the little awareness stammering has, I felt something needed to change." John Hammond

He came up with the idea of getting people to record short audio clips of themselves talking about their frustrations and approached the BSA to tweet his request for participants, getting a good response. 

Together with his striking photography, John has put these together for an audio-visual project called ‘Yes, I stammer’, Take a look at his website

John says, "The audio clips cover how a stammer can socially and mentally affect an individual, and what advice can be given to help those that don’t stammer understand about the speech disorder. I also wanted to show a visual representation of stammering, so I conveyed this in portraits of how I felt stammering could be represented." 

To see John's project, visit his website to 'Yes, I Stammer', here.