Social media star volunteers wanted

A smartphone screen with the TikTok logo showing

16th May 2023

Are you a young adult who stammers aged 18-25 with an interesting job? Are you willing to be in TikToks for STAMMA? We want to hear from you.

We want to let people know about our Employment Support Service and the sort of help it can provide for people who stammer. One of the ways we can promote the service is via social media. 

We'd like to reach out to young adults via TikTok by creating fun, quirky videos showcasing the range of careers that people who stammer work in.

If you stammer and are open to sharing your story with us, please get in touch!

About the opportunity

Time requirement: It's likely to take around 2 hours, spread across 2 sessions.

Day & time: To be arranged at your convenience.

Location: Home-based.

Supported by: Bel Rickard (Social Media Officer and Videographer) & Kirsten Howells (Employment Support Service).

What would you need? A computer or device where you can meet Bel on a videocall for discussions.

What does the role involve?

First, you'll have a chat with Bel about your job and agree together some photos or brief videos that you'll record either as 'selfie' recordings on your mobile or in a videocall with Bel. This might involve you talking about your job or taking a photo of where you work or equipment that you use at work. The two of you will decide what components might make a good clip when it's all edited together.

Bel will then edit the clips and images together to create a short, fun video to be used on STAMMA's social media channels, particularly, TikTok. We will show you the final version of the video and you can then say at that point whether you are happy for us to use it or not. You'll also be able to put any restrictions you wish on how STAMMA will use the video. We'll talk all that through with you and make sure that we understand in what contexts STAMMA are allowed to show or use the video.

Get in touch

If you'd like to help us with this, or if you have any questions, please email us at or phone the office on 020 8983 1003.