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STAMMA Journal Club (Jan)

Sorry, this event has ended, but see what else is coming up.
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Thursday 18th January 2024 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Join our new Journal Club and learn more about research from the stammering world.

We want to help people who stammer learn more about current research into stammering. With our new Journal Club we also want to help make research accessible for everyone.

In our regular online sessions, we'll take a closer look at influential and interesting research articles. We'll be exploring their results and what they could mean for people who stammer. We will also use these sessions to create a bank of information for our website.


Register for the STAMMA Journal Club on Zoom. It's on Thursday 18th January 2024, 7:30-8:30pm


Would you like to get further involved with the club and help people who stammer learn more about research? We're looking for people to:

  • help us choose a research article to read in the session
  • write a short plain English summary of the article. This will help to make the article accessible for people without a research background
  • help us run the session if needed, eg leading a breakout room
  • write up notes from the session.

You might be a speech & language therapy student, a PhD student researching stammering, or even a student with a stammer yourself. By getting involved, you can help make research about stammering accessible for everyone and support the stammering community. If you are interested, send an email to 


We are always looking for new research studies for people who stammer to read at our Journal Club. If you have a peer reviewed research article that you would be happy for us to share with club members, please send us a copy. Email it to 

Don't forget we've also got our Research Arena coming up on the 9th December. It's your chance to influence new research.

Sorry, this event has ended, but see what else is coming up.
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