Watch it back: One to One with poet Zaffar Kunial

5th May 2021

The latest in our One to One series, with Owen Sheers chatting with the poet Zaffar Kunial.

Watch the video above, with Owen asking Zaffar Kunial all about creativity, poetry and their link to stammering, and answering your questions.

Zaffar published a pamphlet in the Faber New Poets series in 2014 and was Poet-in-Residence at the Wordsworth Trust. He contributed to The Pity, a series of new poems commissioned by the Poetry Society for the centenary of the First World War.

Nearly every stammerer has a very unique relationship to time...when you're in that moment of a stammer, your language is existing in two places. The word is already alive in your head, but for everyone else in the room, it isn't, and you're bringing it into the future.

This is the latest in our One to One series, with interviewee turning interviewer. Watch the previous instalment, as Owen Sheers chats to the author Jonty Claypole.

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