Stand Up to Stammering Group

A Facebook group offering stammering support and daily challenges.

Stand Up to Stammering was set up during the first lockdown in 2020 by Michael Wright and Chloe Powell. 

Michael says, "The group is dedicated to building courage and confidence in our speech. We set daily speaking challenges, where we set a question and encourage members to record themselves answering it and then post it. Or they could go live within the safety of the group. The daily 'Mind Over Matter' questions cover a whole range of topics, from stammering experiences to 'What is your favourite holiday destination and why?'. 

'We also hold regular Zoom support groups for members, where you are invited to talk about your challenging times as well as your achievements, and play some fun interactive speaking games.

'Join us in this empowering supportive community to make new friends and connect with others who understand the unique experiences of stammering."

Go to the Stand Up to Stammering Facebook group to join.

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