BSA Facebook Group Rules

The STAMMA Facebook Support Group has been an amazing success, to a large degree thanks to everyone who has contributed to it over the past few years.

It was set up by us here at STAMMA, the British Stammering Association, a charity supporting those who stammer in the United Kingdom. If you live outside the UK, we encourage and will help you, set up a group in your own country. By all means stay a member of this group, but you’ll find that sharing experiences with others from your own country will be infinitely more helpful to others local to you, and it will help start change where you are.


To take part in this group please abide by our rules. BSA volunteers proactively moderate this group. Direct any queries, complaints, suggestions and concerns about posts, or abusive messages you receive, to

  1. Please exercise your own judgement whilst in this group as we can’t accept liability for any of the suggestions or advice given by members. Play nicely.
  2. Exercise your own judgement. We can’t accept liability for any of the suggestions or advice given by members.
  3. Be polite and respect other people's views. We will not tolerate rudeness or abuse. Any libellous or unpleasant posts/comments will be removed. Swearing is allowed, but keep it to a minimum. There are people of all ages in the group.
  4. Be safe. Don't give out personal details. If other group members contact you personally, please be careful. If you receive abusive messages or one that makes you uncomfortable email us.
  5. Do not over-post. We want everyone to have the chance to post content that may be enjoyable to our members. Refrain from posting meme-like content where possible. Overly frequent posts from one user will be removed.
  6. Don't sell. No links to other charities or to your own business. If you've something to say, great, but if this said in the context of a charity or business, we will remove it. This is not a commercial forum.
  7. No spamming and stay on topic. Off-topic posts will be removed at the discretion of the moderator. Variants included. Posts promoting a cure for stammering or stuttering will be deleted. See 'Causes & Cures' on our site
  8. Don't post images depicting children. Unless you are their parents or guardians (or have their express permission of their parents/guardians) pictures of children will be removed.
  9. Don't block moderators. Content not visible to moderators will be removed. Please check privacy settings on any links or images posted.
  10. Fundraising for other charities will be removed. As a charity we depend on fundraising and donations for our survival. Any posts fundraising for other charities without prior consent will be removed.
  11. Podcasts, videos and recordings. These need to be on topic and stick to the rules above. Anything over 10 mins need to be reviewed by moderators first - and please give a full description. This may take a while as moderator's time is limited.

Other things to note: 

  • Posts promoting a 'cure' for stammering or stuttering will be deleted. This group doesn't support false hopes.
  • If you have a suggestion for STAMMA, then contact us direct at Whilst staff will try and keep an eye on Facebook, we don’t have time to pick through every post.
  • If you want to let off steam then do so, but we won’t necessarily pick up suggestions. If you want to post something and are unsure about it, contact us. We aren't monsters, we’ll do our best to help. If you break the rules we will remove you from the group for four weeks. You can apply for admission again, but it will be at our discretion.