Our Services

Find out what STAMMA offers for people who stammer and their allies.

At STAMMA we provide a range of services for people who stammer, or stutter as it's known in other parts of the world. They include:


This includes:

These are open to anyone who stammers, as well as parents, family members, employers, etc. Get support, ask questions, practise techniques or presentations, or let off steam. Our team of volunteers are here to answer your queries. They all either stammer themselves or have a close connection to it.


We have pages giving information About Stammering, including resources for how to make space for people who stammer. Our Get Help section has support for people who stammer and parents.


Support if you have been treated poorly or unfairly because you stammer. Fill out the form on our Advocacy Service page. We'll review the incident and get back to you with suggestions for making an effective complaint.


Do you have an issue relating to stammering and employment? Whether you stammer yourself, or you employ or work with someone who does? We can help with job interviews and stammering at work. We can also help employers and organisations create stammer-friendly environments. See Employment Service


We organise regular online events for parents and guardians of stammering children. They can share experiences and learn from each other. For parents of pre-school, primary and secondary school-aged children. See our Events page for listings or email familysupport@stamma.org 


Our initiative to get people who stammer more involved in how research into stammering is designed. See Research Arena for details. 


Young people who stammer can get together online and play the popular video game. See Minecraft Club for details. 


We have a range of printed information leaflets for adults, parents, young people and teachers. Buy hard copies from the STAMMA Shop or download them


Our national conference every two years is loads of fun. People can socialise, share experiences, brainstorm and relax in a space where it's OK to stammer. There are workshops, seminars, discussions, social events and lots more to get involved in. Read about our 2022 STAMMAFest in Manchester


We promote independent stammering communities and groups throughout the UK. They can be regional support/self-help/support groups, or professional networks like STAMMA Arts.

If you have any comments on our services, we'd love to hear from you. Head to our Feedback page and tell us what you think.