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Volunteers needed: Helpline Services

We're looking for volunteers to work on our helpline, webchat and email support services on Thursdays from 4pm-8pm. Could it be you?

The STAMMA Helpline Services, including our phoneline, webchat and email support, are a hugely important part of our work. We're looking for people to work from home, and we have two time slots to fill.

This is frontline stuff, responding to people reaching out for information and support with stammering.

It's a great opportunity to spend time chatting with people who stammer as well as their parents, grandparents, teachers and employers, taking the time to make space to listen and to value what they have to say. 

Basic information

Hours: 4 hours per week + 1 hour per month for Helpline Team meetings.
Day & time: A regular slot on Thursdays, 4pm-8pm 
Location: Home-based.

What does the role involve?

  • Take helpline calls (listening and speaking on the phone)
  • Respond to webchats (reading on-screen messages and typing responses)
  • Respond to emails (reading and typing responses).
  • Working on other areas of STAMMA's work when the services are quiet. This might involve reading and reviewing documents and resources.

We use a virtual call centre which means you can take calls and webchats from home, using a desktop or laptop computer.

Training & support

We'll help you through a training programme so that you feel ready to start working on the helpline services. We'll provide ongoing support and you can keep in touch with other volunteers through our WhatsApp group.

More information

For full details of the role, please download one of the packs below.

Contact & apply

To express an interest in volunteering on the STAMMA's Helpline Services, or if you have any questions, please email or phone the office on 020 8983 1003. 

Or you could chat with one of our current helpline volunteers and see what they think about their role. Call the helpline for free on 0808 802 0002 or use our webchat service.

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