Constitution & Finances

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(Above: Peter Bryan, Treasurer)

Our Articles of Association

The British Stammering Association, trading as STAMMA. Registered charity nos: 1089967/SC038866

Our finances 

Our finances are now overseen by Peter Bryan. Peter says, "I'm a recently-retired chartered accountant who has spent over 30 years in senior positions in a large financial services business, gaining a broad range of finance experience along the way. As a stammerer I am keen to 'give something back' and want to help STAMMA to grow and develop from a sound financial base by helping to provide insight and guidance from both a financial perspective as well as more broadly."

Accounts for our last five years

Download our accounts below:

STAMMA Accounts for 2021 (pdf)

STAMMA Accounts for 2020 (pdf)

STAMMA Accounts for 2019 (pdf)

BSA Accounts for 2018 (pdf)

BSA Accounts for 2017 (pdf)